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Club Octamorph

fluc_Mensa – Praterstern
spezial guests: Unfair, Akia Surround,
visuals: Clubware, Boris Kopeinig, Christina Goestel, Jade





a somewhat different concept for an exciting club experience.

Sound installation artist Peter Szely and DJ, club culture theorist, early turntable abuser and promoter of global beats Hans Kulisch got together and started Vienna’a first 8-channel music club.


Club music and club culture exist almost exclusively in the stereo universe. Szely’s longstanding work with multi-channel sound installations and Kulisch’s permanent search for new forms of expression for evening entertainment has led to the idea of fusing both worlds into a new form of sound experience. New possibilities in electronic sound production and DJ-tools are opening up countless arrays of generating and creating sounds for the public. The OctagonMorph Version System Dub is an open system that not only allows transmitting sound and sound inputs to 8 speakers on site via a specific audio programming. They also allow a distribution that supplies each speaker individually. On a further level, the sound events can be timed and delayed to move the sound in space. This results in an acusmatic experience that not only leaves the classical stereo space behind but also goes far beyond a multiple stereo transformation or Dolby Surround. The sound becomes 3-dimensional, creating new virtual spaces, in which single sounds spin around. Szely and Kulisch improvise live as this process is best realized with a computer in a


Improvisations with prefab sound material and player appliances are not new as the decades of avant-garde tradition ranging from John Cage, Luc Ferrari or Pierre Schaeffer to Negativland and many more illustrate. Plunderphonics founder John Oswald, for example, declared the record player his instrument. And of course, he played the records at the same time! He is also known for advocating the co-existence of avant-garde and pop music, but even today there are only a few attempts to improvise with CD-players outside the avant-garde movement.
Such an approach is missing in the club context due to the quasi-mythological worship of the vinyl turntable as its exclusive medium. New concepts like Final Scratch rather perpetuate an insistence on old tech. New generation CD-players allow tracing new and interesting paths, which leave traditional beat mixing, etc. behind.

In octamorph, a new sound cosmos is created with prefab music, sounds and loops that are dispatched to 8 speakers in the space as well as the extension of the musical spectrum with global beats of all kinds—promising a completely new club experience.