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selected projects | wet f{r}iction


2005 | 2006


raumatmen | wet f{r}iction

an audio-visual space-skin - digital video 70' loop

created for an exhibition on Science Fiction - Kindermuseum ZOOM, Museumsquarter Vienna AT
digital video 70' loop: Sylvia Eckermann, sound: Szely






                                                                                                                                                   freeze frames, digital video: Sylvia Eckermann



raumatmen wet f{r}iction an audio-visual space-skin


The inside skin of a space station is enveloped in large size projections. The space station is not comprised of inflexible, rigid material - it is not hardware but wetware - it is a breathing, living bio-substance - a flexible membrane which moves - future material maybe discovered in an extraterrestrial lab… The exhibition space is thus transformed into a living organism.
An acousmatic and sound-architectural structure intensifies the intended effect of Raumatmen (of a 'breathing of the space').
The sound aura - a matrix of speakers which is installed on the ceiling, walls and floor - allows the space to breathe.


Raumstation Skylab 5 Kindermuseums ZOOM, MQ Vienna AT
Sep 28 2005 - March 12 2006

curated by: Katharina Oder, concept: Karin Harrasser,

architectur: LIQUIFER: Barbara Imhof, Waltraut Hoheneder

exhibited artists: Julia Bruchner, Susanne Delleske, Sylvia Eckermann, Nikolaus Gansterer,

Dominik Guggenberger, Tina Handl, Hons, Peter Kozek, Diana Levin, David Moises, Marius Schebella, Karl Seiringer,

Michael Silbergasser, Peter Szely, Jasmin Trabichler


3rd International Digital Art Festival, Changzhou CN

Sept 28 - Oct 1 2006