Fluffy (Age 2), Musselburgh

Fluffy (Age 2), Musselburgh"Sometimes my Mum works late, she also works nightshifts. When she does she calls CatSitters. They pop round and look after me and my goldfish friends. It gets lonely sometimes at my house, so its nice to have a visitor."

Chewie Henderson (Age 4½), Port Seton

Chewie Henderson (Age 4½), Port Seton"Whenever my Mum and Dad go on holiday, they get CatSitters to look after me and my sister. Alison always tickles my tummy and keeps me fed with yummy treats."

Donillium household

Hello from all the cats living in the Donillium household. There are rather a lot of us who live here, at the moment, sixteen! We are a mixed bunch comprising of mostly Cornish Rexes with a couple of rescue moggies, an Egyptian Mau, and a Greek street cat. Our owners like to get away from it all from time to time (so would you if you lived with all of us) and our auntie Alison cares for us really well while they are gone. We always know that we can depend on her to come in twice a day to top up our food and water and to clean our litter trays too.

Sometimes one of us happens to be on medication from the vet and although they always put up a good fight, Auntie Alison always makes us take our pills. We usually behave ourselves very well and try to save any "little accidents" until our owners get back. Serves them right for going away and leaving us behind.

Some of us have known our Auntie Alison for over ten years now so she always gets a very warm welcome here from us. Lots of purrs from (wait for it):

The Boys
Xanten, De Mousse, Probe, Geordie
The Girls
Mabel, Lambsie, Psipsina, Millicent, Kimini, Hannah, Sourpuss, Jentian, Athene, P'futni, Ariadne, Magenta
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